Hihaus new custom aluminium all season room solarium sunroom greenhouse

132 sun room the ability to resist storms is stronger. And the appearance colors are more, more in line with the modern home decoration style.
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Products Description

Hihaus new custom aluminium all season room solarium sunroom greenhouse


Series name
132 Sunshine Room 01
Default laminated glass: 5+1.14+5, laminated insulating glass: 5+1.14+5+20A+5, glass can be light glass + coating, light glass + low-e, coated/low-e glass outdoors.
Available colors
Brazilian red sandalwood, fluorocarbon iron gray

inclined roof, flat roof, polygonal roof, arc inclined roof

The top surface can be equipped with

electric sunroof, shading system: electric shading cloth, electric pleated blinds.

Product advantages

Proven safety, strong tolerance, moisture-proof and sun-proof, good permeability, and the best thermal insulation performance. Beautiful, individual and fashionable design, it can be used as a curved sun room.

Scope of application balcony, top floor of villa

1. Hihaus luxury sun room is a new type of building constructed with glass and aluminum profiles, made with fluorocarbon technology, moisture-proof and sun-proof, long life and strong durability.


2. The appearance is concise and generous. According to different architectural styles and personal preferences, single-sided inclined roofs, herringbone roofs, corner roofs, hexagonal pavilions, etc. can be made.


3. Laminated glass, hollow glass, bulletproof glass and LOW-E glass can be used; the design structure is strict, the force is scientific and reasonable, the overall strength is higher, and it can withstand greater wind pressure, and can be used with broken bridge windows, sliding doors, and swing doors. Strong sex.


4. It has excellent performance in terms of sound insulation, heat insulation, water tightness, air tightness, wind pressure resistance, and impact resistance. It is the best choice for outdoor leisure buildings.


5. Due to the good spatial scalability, the same sun room space can be adapted to different functional requirements. For example, the sun room of a villa can be extended to a study hall, a gym, a meeting room, a bath room, an open kitchen, an entrance garden, etc.


6. Suitable for villas, hotels, swimming pools, terraces, bathrooms, gardens, underground courtyards, stadiums, yachts and other space applications.


Why choose us ?
1. Proved reputation and quality from homeowners, contractors, builders and architects for more than 17 years;
2. AAMA/AS2047 standard certified manufacturer;
3. Factory of 123,000 m2 with 800 skilled technicians, strong production capability;
4. 40+ patents, strong ability of design, innovation and custom-made manufacturing;
5. On time delivery satisfying the request of projects.
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