• Nanning Residence Building Project

    Nanning Residence Building Project

    Place: GuangXi , China

    Products: 86 Series Thermal Break Casement Windows, Fix glass with grills

  • TianHe City project

    TianHe City project

    Place: Chicago USA

    Products: 4000 sqm ;Glass curtain wall and ACP curtain wall

  • Huiting Manor

    Huiting Manor

    Place: Hubei, China

    Products: 103 Series Thermal Break Casement Windows, 108 series entrance door, all glass with reflective color, over 20 villas buildings.

  • Kia City Center

    Kia City Center

    Place: Blantyre Malawi

    Products: 4-floor office building , Glass canopy , Aluminum window & door , Automatic sliding door , Glass staircase

  • College Library Project

    College Library Project

    Place: Bangkok, Thailand

    Products: Invisible glass curtain wall, total: 11, 000 square meters

  • Luxury Apartment Project

    Luxury Apartment Project

    Place: Brisbane, Australia

    Products: Unitized curtain wall -The CW: 2000 SQM , AU Window system: 5000 SQM

  • Phoenix water city Apartment & Residence Project

    Phoenix water city Apartment & Residence Project

    Place: Yunnan Province, China

    Products: Full building windows and doors Series: 93 Thermal break Casement Windows, 90 Honor Swing Doors

  • Jiutian Yujing Apartment Project

    Jiutian Yujing Apartment Project

    Place: Jiangxi province, China

    Products: 86 Casement Windows, 65(3.5) Sliding Doors, 108 Thermal Break Swing Door

  • Tourist Villas Projects

    Tourist Villas Projects

    Place: Long Island, Bahamas

    Products: PVC Casement windows, Aluminum 65(3.5) Sliding Doors

  • Linda Courtyard Residential Project

    Linda Courtyard Residential Project

    Place: Zunyi City, Guizhou Province

    Products: 108mm thermal break aluminum casement window, 83mm sliding door,swing door ,row wood



    Place: Abuja , Nigeria

    Products: Amount:$700,000 for Curtain wall, sliding window,casement door and glass railing etc.

  • Yue long Shan Apartments/ residential/ Mall/ Office buildings

    Yue long Shan Apartments/ residential/ Mall/ Office buildings

    Place: Qujiang Shaoguan city, China

    Products: Swing Door, Sliding Door, and Sunroom.

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