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Hihaus Factory ‘New Face’—Blue Tinted glass Surface

Hihaus Factory ‘New Face’—Blue Tinted glass Surface

Mar 18, 2022

Spring is the season, summer is coming soon. With flowers blooming season, our office has changed "new face" to welcome our customers.


And here, will like to introduce you more about our office building surface. Follow this article, you will get more information for the Blue Tinted Glass Curtain Wall (Specially for island project)



Hihaus factory


The upgrade of Hihaus doors and windows headquarters building is independently designed by the headquarters top designer. Through the careful design and planning of the designer, the brand connotation is deeply excavated and combined with our own products, so that the image and environment of the industrial park are refreshed and show a new image of international model and sense of science and technology.


glass curtain wall


The main body of the exterior wall of the building adopts the latest curtain wall: 150 series newly developed in Jan, 2022. The glass visual area of this series is much higher than that of traditional doors and windows, with better daylighting area and permeability. The overall appearance is more beautiful and atmospheric, highlighting the new image of high-end, fashionable and international Hihaus doors and windows.


After 18 years of deep cultivation in the door and window industry, Hihaus doors and windows has always lead the top direction of the industry. In the future, Hihaus doors and windows will continue to improve product innovation and market competitiveness, inject ingenuity into products, face the future with a new attitude and higher standards, be ready to make progress, gather momentum and take off, create a new era of brand, and create a better home experience for users.


If you have project in hand, don’t forget to leave us your inquiry, our professional engineer will contact you for recommendation.

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