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Exploring the Pros and Cons of Common Window Types: Making the Right Choice for Your Home

Exploring the Pros and Cons of Common Window Types: Making the Right Choice for Your Home

January 17, 2024

Although there are many types of doors and windows on the market today, they each have their own advantages and disadvantages, resulting in their different scopes of application. Therefore, it is indispensable to choose the suitable doors and windows, which can greatly improve the quality of lives. They will be introduced briefly as follows.


First of all, top-hung window has always been one of the most popular types of windows. Compared with other types, although it does not have very good ventilation performance, it is more convenient and safer than outward-opening windows, because the handle is on the lower side. Moreover, the opening method and direction can effectively save indoor space, so top-hung windows are more suitable for installation in small spaces, such as kitchens and bathrooms.


top-hung window


Secondly, the reason why an increasing number of people choose sliding windows nowadays is that they can effectively increase ventilation area and make the lighting enter rooms by constantly adjusting the position of panels. Enough sunlight and air are indispensable in daily lives. However, the sealing of sliding windows is relatively poor. It is usually suitable to install in balconies or rooms with low sealing requirements.


sliding windows


Thirdly, it is known that choosing tilt & turn windows installed at home has become new trend in modern society. They have very good sealing and can prevent rain entering rooms. Nevertheless, the panel of tilt & turn window occupies indoor space, so we need to consider the decoration layout before choosing it. If you have sealing requirements for windows, it must be your first choice.


tilt & turn windows


Then, tilt & slide window, the newest design of windows, will be loved by more and more people in the future because of the excellent sealing. However, since it has just been developed, the price is relatively expensive. In addition, the hardware damage rate is high compared to other kinds. Limited by track, so it is more suitable to install in rooms with windowsill.


Finally, sliding door with narrow frame is beautiful. Because it does not have the bottom track, it is convenient to sweep the floor. However, the design of top track is prone to shake.


In a word, which kind of window you choose depends on the need and environment. Choosing good doors and windows can help us enjoy a better life.

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