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Environmentally friendly carbon crystal wood door

Environmentally friendly carbon crystal wood door

December 03, 2021

carbon crystal wood door

Contains micro carbon crystal particles

No aldehyde - flame retardant - waterproof - wear - resistant

Superior characteristics, win favor

Open a new generation of humanized low-carbon life


carbon crystal wood door


Whole house customization and creative

An elegant aesthetic space

Not just contemporary solidification art

It's even more for our happy homeland


Hihaus wood doors


When you close the door, you will have an extremely quiet environment to rest

Through the squeezing operation, the sealing rubber strip can be controlled to rise and fall. So as to achieve the effect of sealing and sound insulation.


Upgrade the magnet mute bar


Install sealing lift strip at bottom of door


environmentally wood door


Please choose a new type of carbon crystal wood door for your home, which is environmentally friendly, harmless to people's body, and has a quiet rest environment.


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