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Do You Know the Common Types of Window Glass?

Do You Know the Common Types of Window Glass?

March 27, 2023

01 Tempered Glass

Aluminum alloy doors and windows are widely used in modern construction due to their advantages of durability, light weight, and easy maintenance. The aluminum alloy material has high strength, good corrosion resistance, and is not easily deformed. Moreover, it can be easily formed into various shapes to meet the different design needs of buildings.


Tempered Glass


02 Insulated glass


Insulated glass, also known as double glazed glass, is made by bonding two (or three) pieces of glass with high-strength and high-airtightness composite adhesive and an aluminum alloy frame containing a desiccant. Insulated glass has the functions of good sound insulation, thermal insulation, heat preservation, anti-condensation, and can improve the indoor environment. LOW-E glass, also known as low-emissivity glass, is a film-based product composed of multiple layers of metal or other compounds coated on the glass surface. Its coating layer has the characteristics of high transmittance to visible light and high reflectivity to mid-to-far infrared, making it have excellent heat insulation performance and good light transmittance compared with ordinary glass and traditional coated glass for buildings.


Insulated glass


03 Laminated Glass


Laminated glass is a composite glass product that permanently bonds glass and an intermediate film together after the glass is pre-pressed at high temperature (or vacuumed) and processed by high temperature and high pressure. The intermediate film is made of one or more layers of organic polymer. The broken glass surface remains clean and smooth. Compared with other types of glass, laminated glass has the properties of earthquake resistance, theft prevention, bulletproofing, and explosion-proofing, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of shard piercing and falling incidents and ensure personal safety. At the same thickness, laminated glass has a significant effect on blocking medium-to-low-frequency sound waves, which is better than insulated glass. Laminated glass can play a good role in isolating medium-to-low-frequency noise. In addition, laminated glass also has an extremely high UV isolation function, with an isolation rate of more than 90%, which is very suitable for protecting valuable furniture, displays, artworks, etc. from UV rays.


Laminated Glass


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