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  • What is the main reason of windows or glass falling down? What is the main reason of windows or glass falling down?
    Nov 24, 2021
    With the rapid development of the city and the increasingly compact urban space, high-rise buildings can be seen everywhere in the city, especially in developing country. In recent years, falling objects hurt people from time to time, which has become a hidden danger of social and public safety. Among them, accidents caused by the falling off of the outer wall of high-rise buildings, especially the glass curtain wall, are common. Picture from online Relevant news and real cases **On October 11, 2020, the office 23rd floor's glass curtain wall fell, location: Baotou, China On the afternoon of the 10th, there was a strong wind in Baotou city. At about 16:00, the glass was blown off, and more than 20 cars were smashed by the glass falling from the sky. The wind is strong, and the glass does not fall directly and vertically, resulting in more than 20 damaged vehicles. Picture from online How to avoid accidents Curtain wall safety accidents occur frequently. How to solve them? Find out the factors affecting the safety and quality of curtain wallFactors affecting the safety and quality of curtain wall will appear in the process of early construction planning, curtain wall design, production, installation, inspection, acceptance and maintenance, including government supervision.·Insufficient supervision on material production and processing The quality of materials is uneven. If there is no corresponding factory certificate and report, and some test data is missing, it will be directly used in the project. Explore the safety risk source of building curtain wall Curtain wall safety risk sources mainly include: Glass self-explosion, panel falling off, opening fan falling off, structural sealant failure, keel deformation and corrosion, embedded parts and connectors loosening and falling off. Cooperate with big and branding factory Most accident are cause of using lower quality construction for fixing glass, and lower quality hardware. It do really hard to get recognized in the beginning. But in China, branding factory have to maintain their reputation and being involve experienced worker for assembling, provide the base for quality products. Hihaus, keeping quality as priority for last 17 years, have built it's own reputation in China and oversea. We will be your reliable supplier and build long terms cooperation
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