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What advantage of Low-E glass?

07.30.2021   Senior engineer: Sarah

Today, I am here to introduce you more about low-e glass, also called as reflective glass.

There are 3 features we have to know about:


1. High infrared reflectivity, can directly reflect far infrared radiation.

2. The surface emission E is low, and the ability to absorb foreign energy is small, so the heat radiated is less.

3. The shading coefficient SC has a wide range, which can control the transmission amount of solar energy      according to the  need to adapt  to the needs of different regions.


The principle of low-E glass in summer and winter:

In winter, the indoor temperature is higher than the outdoor, and the far-infrared heat radiation mainly comes from the indoor. Low-E glass can reflect it back to the indoor to keep the indoor heat flowing away. Low-E glass can still allow part of the solar radiation from the outside to enter the room. This part of the energy is absorbed by indoor objects and then converted into far-infrared thermal radiation, which is retained indoors.

In summer, the outdoor temperature is higher than the indoor temperature, and the far-infrared heat radiation mainly comes from the outdoor. Low-E glass can reflect it out to prevent heat from entering the room. For outdoor solar radiation, low-E glass with low shading coefficient can be restricted to enter the room, thus reducing certain cost (air conditioning cost).

So when and where should we use low-e glass?

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