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This is how we pack the products

08.17.2021   Senior engineer: Chilli


Put on a "suit" for every door and window


According to the actual conditions of profiles, glass and accessories, use non-corrosive materials for packaging;

The packing box has sufficient carrying capacity to ensure that it will not be damaged under normal transportation and storage;

All kinds of parts in the packing box can avoid collision and movement with each other;

The packaging storage and transportation signs and usage should comply with the standard of GB/T191.



Set up a place for doors and windows


The product should be placed in a ventilated, cool and dry warehouse;

It is strictly forbidden to touch with acids, alkalis, and salt substances and prevent from rainwater;

The product should be placed flat with non-metal spacers, and it should be placed upright and the vertical angle should not be less than 70°;

The ground should be flat and smooth, and profiles are placed neatly without sinking and distortion. The auxiliary profiles are stacked on a shelf with flat wooden boards.




Safety shipping


Do not hang or swing freely when strapping, and ropes cannot damage the surface of the profile;

Make every effort to avoid collisions between packing boxes during transportation;

Handle carefully during transportation, and it is strictly forbidden to drop, throw, or hit;

The transportation should be protected from rain and kept clean and pollution-free.




Witness the doors and windows gradually entering the "home" state


01 Scribe positioning

Accurate control of horizontal elevation line, vertical control line, in and out position control line


02 Window frame mark

Use a tape measure to mark the position of window upper and lower frames,the mark shall not damage the profile surface.


03 Adjust the window frame

Position the airbag and adjust the horizontal, vertical and diagonal lengths of the frames in time, and temporarily fix them with wooden wedges.


04 Waterproof treatment

Waterproof paint, the thickness of the paint should be even


05 window frame caulking

Anti-corrosion treatment & cement mortar plugging


06 Fixed window frame

Fixed with expansion bolts, it’s in line with quality standards


07 Playing sealant

Before applying the building silicone seal, check whether the inlaid parts of the outer wall and the door and window frames are compliant


08 Glass installation

The glass does not touch the profile, leaving gaps on both sides of the groove to prevent the glass from exploding


09 Cleaning up

The glass is cleaned with neutral cleaning fluid, and the frame is scrubbed with quicoline cleaning fluid.



Consumer experience is the quality inspection of the raw materials, production technology, packaging, storage and transportation, and installation technology of aluminum alloy doors and windows. Hihaus has always improved the high-quality application of doors and windows with a complete quality assurance system, allowing good products to enter hundreds of millions of families.



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