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The advertisement of "Spring Festival" for the high-speed railway is coming again!

07.23.2021   Senior engineer: Chilli

The Spring Festival in 2021 is approaching, and it is the peak time for people to gather.

A new round of advertising DIAOSI (Hihaus Brand name in China) landed in every major high-speed railway station, bengbu south station, chuzhou station, Dezhou East Station and Lishui Station,



bengbu south station

chuzhou station


Diaosi doors and Windows to seize the brand communication highland, to achieve the maximum all-around coverage of the brand, the national high-speed rail LED advertising, this is DIAOSI (Hihaus Brand name in China) doors and Windows for the transportation hub high-end media continued to force, in the country scraping a witness to "create a better life, from DIAOSI (Hihaus Brand name in China)  start" brand power!


Dezhou east station

LiShui station

Huangshan north station



Kaifeng north station



DIAOSI (Hihaus Brand name in China) Windows and doors to take advantage of high-end communication platform, is Diao Si to further enhance the brand image, innovative marketing another attempt, not only to inject new vitality and power to brand construction, highlight DIAOSI (Hihaus Brand name in China) brand positioning, with a strong visual impact, but also for the country's DIAOSI (Hihaus Brand name in China) dealers into a dose of heart booster.


Qidong Station


2021, in the face of new trends, new development, new opportunities, DIAOSI (Hihaus Brand name in China) doors and Windows will continue to increase the pace of brand development.

For middle and high income groups, in addition to the high density of high speed rail advertising, DIAOSI (Hihaus Brand name in China) doors and Windows will actively integrate online and offline multi-party resources, upgrade a wide range, multi-dimensional, high-level three-dimensional communication network, and further promote the brand comprehensive influence of DIAOSI (Hihaus Brand name in China) high-end doors and Windows.

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