New design room insulated ivory white solid mdf interior wood door

With paint-free carbon crystal technology board, more environmentally, all-wood structure, returning your environment to the natural style.
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New design room insulated ivory white solid mdf interior wood door



The all-wood series of Hihaus Carbon Crystal Technology Doors follows the concept of simplicity and fashion in design, with soft tones and various styles of lines, high-end fashion styles, to create a stylish home life.  


1. The use of paint-free carbon crystal technology board has good hiding power, perfectly presents various textures, and enhances the smoothness of the wooden door lines, making the space a little more free and easy, just like a rushing river, showing the occupants' broad mind and distance In ambition.


2. The door cover is all-wood structure, and the four sides of the door leaf are sealed with wood grain color, which truly restores the texture and texture of the wooden door, making the room full of natural beauty and returning to the natural style.


3. The use of cutting-edge materials, paint-free carbon crystal technology board, makes the wooden door no formaldehyde release, environmental protection, wear-resistant and compression-resistant, not afraid of abrasion, and also has resistance to weak acid and alkali, moisture control, humidity resistance, high and low temperature resistance, sound insulation and noise reduction , Anti-fouling and easy-to-clean multiple performances.


4. Based on the concept of simple and fashionable design, using simple and clear lines and low-key colors, the modern and simple style is brought to the extreme, and the owner's taste and personality are revealed in the simplicity.


5. The door is filled with carbon crystal plates. The molecular structure of the carbon crystal plates is stable and has excellent characteristics of waterproof, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance.

Product Name
New design room insulated ivory white solid mdf interior wood door
Included Components
Mute Lock, 90 Angle Hinge, Door, Door Frame
Door Standard Size
Wall Height 2100mm X Width 900mm X 150mm
Door Leaf Thickness
Door Frame
Melamine MDF
Core Filling
Melamine MDF
Side Bracing
Solid Wood
Frame Material
Wood + Aluminum

1. Waterproof design

Contained with micro black crystal particles, which are made by ship level process to achieve metal level hardness: there is no cracking and corrosion after soaking for 72 hours.



2. Sound insulation design

The use of door bottom sealing lifting strip can increase sound insulation of more than 10 db, the use of special happy shrapnel design, smooth sliding, quiet, good airtight performance.



Why choose us ?
1. Proved reputation and quality from homeowners, contractors, builders and architects for more than 17 years;
2. AAMA/AS2047 standard certified manufacturer;
3. Factory of 123,000 m2 with 800 skilled technicians, strong production capability;
4. 40+ patents, strong ability of design, innovation and custom-made manufacturing;
5. On time delivery satisfying the request of projects.
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