Jiutian Yujing Apartment Project

Jiangxi province, China

Product Supplied:

86 Casement Windows, 65(3.5) Sliding Doors, 108 Thermal Break Swing Door

Project Story:

The project covers an area of 281,000 square meter, which is a big project of Ruijin scale, which is located in the west section of Jindu Avenue, the main road of Ruijin city. The intersection with Xingye Avenue (Qicai Avenue). Central Park, west of the city. Shazhouba revolutionary site group, in line with Ruijin. The overall strategy of "extending to the East and moving the center of gravity northward" in the West. The East is the main road of Longzhu City, and the south is the Longzhu park. Yingshan red shadow theatre, the west side of the Shazhouba tourist Reserve Park, planning cultural and educational area, enjoy municipal alcohol and mature facilities in the north. The project is a continuous collection of culture and education, and is naturally a landscape, which will become the core of urban development in the future. Hihaus is honor to have chance to join this project, hoped to created more value to end users.

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