Hihaus hot pvc upvc vinyl european style double glazed tilt and turn windows

Compared with aluminum windows, wooden windows, and steel windows that achieve the same performance, plastic-steel doors and windows are more economical.
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Custom pvc upvc egress single hung vertical casement bathroom awning window



1. Heat preservation and energy saving

The plastic steel profile multi-cavity structure has good heat insulation performance and extremely low heat transfer coefficient, which is only 1/4.5 of that of steel lining and 1/8 of that of aluminum. Its economic and social benefits are huge.


2. Air tightness

Plastic-steel doors and windows are equipped with rubber-plastic sealing strips and tops at all gaps during installation, so their air tightness is much higher than that of aluminum alloy doors and windows.

3. Water tightness

Because the plastic steel profile has a unique multi-cavity structure, it has an independent drainage cavity, no matter the frame or fan, the water can be effectively discharged.


4. Wind resistance

In the independent plastic-steel cavity, 1.23mm thick steel lining can be filled, and the thickness of the stiffener and the profile series can be selected according to the local wind pressure value, the height of the building, the size of the opening, and the window type design to ensure the building Requirements for doors and windows.


5. Sound insulation

The plastic steel profile itself has a good sound insulation effect. If the double glass structure is adopted, the sound insulation effect is more ideal, and it is especially suitable for places with serious noise interference in the downtown area, such as schools, hotels, office buildings, etc.


6. Corrosion resistance

Plastic steel profile has a unique formula and good corrosion resistance. Therefore, the corrosion resistance of plastic steel doors and windows mainly depends on the choice of hardware, such as anti-corrosion hardware, stainless steel, and its service life is about 10 times that of steel windows. .

 Profile   1.PVC/UPVC material 2.0-2.5mm (need to be ordered)
 Color White/ Silver / Grey / Champagne / Black / Wood grain / special color can be customized
 Glass Type 1.Single toughened glazing:6mm/8mm/10mm/12mm...
2.Double toughened glazing:4+12A+4mm, 5+20A+5mm...
3.Triple toughened glazing: 5+9A+5+9A+5mm…
4.Laminated glazing:5+0.38PVB+5mm, 6+0.76PVB+6mm…
5.Low-E glazing:Green/Blue/Brown/Golden...
6.Tinted glass, reflective glass, frosted glass...
 Mesh and security grill 1.Aluminum security grill
2.Stainless steel security mesh
3.Stainless steel mosquito net
4.Nylon Mosquito net
 Hardware 1.Germany brand
2.Chinese top brand
 Finishing treatment Package 1.Anodizing
2.Powder coating, PVDF
4.Fluorocarbon paint
Bubble protective bag + wooden frame


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1. Proved reputation and quality from homeowners, contractors, builders and architects for more than 17 years;
2. AAMA/AS2047 standard certified manufacturer;
3. Factory of 123,000 m2 with 800 skilled technicians, strong production capability;
4. 40+ patents, strong ability of design, innovation and custom-made manufacturing;
5. On time delivery satisfying the request of projects.
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