Hihaus hot modern outdoor aluminum four seasons conservatory sunrooms

The product adopts broken bridge design and German hardware accessories. It is one of the most excellent system doors and windows in high-end door and window products.
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Hihaus hot modern outdoor aluminum four seasons conservatory sunrooms


Sun room customization instructions

1. Preliminary estimate of the budget price in the minds of customers

2. Sun room area algorithm: Calculate according to the unfolded area (top surface unfolded area + side unfolded area) + column + sink + glass + shutters + skylight Remarks: if there is one side against the wall, you don't need to calculate the unfolded area of ​​that side

3. Then measure and then the designer draws the picture

4. The main points of the sun room measurement

The surveyor firstly integrates the site and needs to consider and design the shape of the sun room from the following elements before starting the measurement:

◆ The sun room is mainly used;

◆ Geographical environment and climate;

◆ The height and location of the floor;

◆ Sunlight time and intensity;

◆ Wind pressure direction, rainwater flow direction and falling water position;

◆ Waterproof measures to fit the horizontal material and the wall;

◆ Material loss, difficulty in production and installation;

◆ Total span and material strength, load bearing support point;

◆ Site restrictions and renovation;

◆ Reasonable arrangement of the position of doors and windows;

◆ Material selection in the top and side grids;

After deciding on the shape of the sun room, it can be represented by an axonometric drawing, indicating the total length, width and height, as well as all corners and column positions. The column size is 132*132mm square tube. While measuring, draw a sketch of the site, take some photos on site, try to get the widest angles and details and panoramas. As a material for communicating with company designers.


Profile   1.High quality aluminum alloy profiles, thickness 1.1-2.0mm, 6063-T5
2.Excellent quality thermal break aluminum profiles, thickness 1.4-2.5mm
3.PVC/UPVC material 2.0-2.5mm (need to be ordered)
Color White/ Sliver / Grey / Champagne / Black / Wood grain / special color can be customized
Glass Type 1.Single toughened glazing:6mm/8mm/10mm/12mm...
2.Double toughened glazing:4+12A+4mm, 5+20A+5mm...
3.Triple toughened glazing: 5+9A+5+9A+5mm…
4.Laminated glazing:5+0.38PVB+5mm, 6+0.76PVB+6mm…
5.Low-E glazing:Green/Bule/Brown/Golden...
6.Tinted glass, reflective glass, frosted glass...
Mesh and security grill 1.Aluminum security grill
2.Stainless steel security mesh
3.Stainless steel mosquito net
4.Nylon Mosquito net
Hardware 1.Germany brand
2.Chinese top brand
Finishing treatment Package 1.Anodizing
2.Powder coating, PVDF
4.Fluorocarbon paint
Bubble protective bag + wooden frame


Why choose us ?
1. Proved reputation and quality from homeowners, contractors, builders and architects for more than 17 years;
2. AAMA/AS2047 standard certified manufacturer;
3. Factory of 123,000 m2 with 800 skilled technicians, strong production capability;
4. 40+ patents, strong ability of design, innovation and custom-made manufacturing;
5. On time delivery satisfying the request of projects.
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